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Use it or lose it

Come hear the rush coming out of your speakers
Feel the power of the Molotov clica.
You don't speak unless your spoken to
Be carefull what you say when you do.

'Cause you might find yourself
en la calle
Tu ya sabes
que me vale
I'm gonna sit back with a cold caguama
While my crew is out there bombing ya.
There's a lesson, boy that I'm gonna teach ya.
You mess with the bull
You gonna get the salchicha.
Cause you know que sentiste pasos

If you think you can fake it, boy
you're an asshole.
If you could take me out what's stopping ya?
I'll pull out my gang cold
pop! pop! pop!

I'm giving you a chance so
don't abuse it
If you got the skill
usi it or lose it.

If you're gonna grab a mic, learn to use it If you
represent a crew, show
and prove it If you got a big ride, learn to cruise it
If you wanna test
this, learn to lose it

Out of the cut view el Gringo
Tiro Loco.

I'm here to get all the people prendido So watcha wanna do Rap is not
afraid of
you And neither homie is the Molotov crew.
So in the cantina while I'm drinking my brew
If u wanna test this learn to lose
I'm gonna bruise ya,
crack ya, end up on your
back, I f your girl steps in, won't hesitate to
smack her.
So if can't
take a dump get off the Commode and if you don't come correct
Jack hit the
'Cause like a '57' chevy I'm gonna cruise ya, You step in my way I'm
have to bruise ya.
Breack ya, partirte la madre Face down lying in
the motha fuckin' calle I'm
giving you chance so don't abuse it So If you got
the skill use it or Lose
Autor: Molotov
Interprete: Molotov
Canción Registrada en: 2004-11-12 17:22:00
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