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I'm leaving today,livin it,leaving it to change.Slowly drifting into a paeceful breeze,tongue tied and twisted are all my memories,celebrating a fantasy come true,packing all my bags,finally on the move. I'm leaving today,livin it ,leaving it to change. As i'm diving i'm captured by the view,so much beauty the road becomes my muse,the heat is rising and my hand surfs through the wind ,cool,calm,collected is the child that lies within,see. I'm leaving today,livin it,leaving it to change (oh yeah) But somehow i miss it,i think i'll really miss it one day,I turn the radio and i fell like never i've felt before,Turn down the memories of yesterdays and broken dreams I bring finally free. Slowly drifting into a peacful breeze(OH YEAH)

I'm leaving today,livin it,leaving it to change.(x 3)

Livin'it,leaving it,i see livin'it,leaving it.

But somehow i miss it,I think I'll really miss it one day.
Autor: Linda Perry,Christina aguilera.
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Canción Registrada en: 2005-03-31 12:56:00
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